Memorial Stores was started in 2014 as the UPD Urn Store. The urn and cremation jewelry selection is powered by UPD Urns and allows funeral homes to offer the large collection of cremation urns that UPD Urns offers wholesale to businesses.


We offer so many different types of cremation urns and keepsake jewelry including metal, wood, silver, gold and more. We are committed to offering products on the cutting edge of funeral services and work hard to partner with the finest funeral service providers in the profession.


Funeral Homes now have the ability to offer so much more than what is physically allowed on their showroom shelves through this digital catalog. The catalog can be shown with or without prices and allows families, that are looking for a cremation urn or casket to simply search the large database of products for keywords. As a funeral director you may have taken note that a loved one said, "she would have loved a purple urn, that's for sure!" Using Memorial Stores you are able to search the word purple and have many options to choose from.


The amount of product available to a family on the UPD Urn Store and Memorial Stores is staggering and allows for just the selection, when looking for a memorial urn for a loved one.


We are so excited about the feedback we have received from Memorial Stores and the UPD Urn Store, that we are regularly adding new products to the hundreds of funeral homes we support. This month we surpassed 500 funeral home stores and are receiving wonderful feedback from funeral homes and families alike.


Every day we have funeral homes that request a new store and often we hear how much they love the idea and are pleased to see a company like this out there. This store is totally secure and families can check out with a credit card.


We had a client say recently, “We have sold more urns in 2 weeks with UPD, than we had in 2 months.” And we just had a funeral home pass $60,000 in urn sales from their store.


It's very important for us to serve our local funeral homes and are so happy to serve Regency Mortuary in Arizona. Here's what they had to say.


Tyler Fraser, the founder of Memorial Stores has worked hard to produce new content to the funeral profession through Funeral Radio and Always Memorial. New products are often being added and we are so pleased to include in our offering of cremation urns: caskets, flowers, headstones, stationery and video tributes for funerals.